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Savannah Nest Cam Returns With A New View

Owls perched on the branch above the Savannah Nest.
Two Great Horned Owls perch on the branch above the nest featured on the Savannah Nest Cam.

October 13 UPDATE:

A technical issue has taken the new view offline, and our cam host is working to determine whether they will be able to implement a fix. We hope to see the cam back online soon.

After re-evaluating the nest site and infrastructure required to continue livestreaming the Savannah Nest Cam, we’ve decided to pursue a single, fixed-camera experience at the current site. This new cam view  captures the essential elements of observing the nest site, perching branches, and far-off views of the salt marshes while balancing the technical challenges of installing equipment high in the trees surrounding a busy residential area and an active golf fairway.

Our cam host, Skidaway Audubon, is on the lookout for new sites where they can  can deploy their PTZ cameras in the near future, and will update you as those plans progress.

Thanks for joining us to observe the beauty of the Georgia coast and its avian inhabitants—we’re lucky to have these amazing views (and viewers!) Keep up with whatever’s being seen on-cam on the Landings & Savannah Nest social media.

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Pileated Woodpecker by Lin McGrew / Macaulay Library