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Red-tailed Hawk Fledglings Explore Their Campus Territory

Watch the Red-tailed Hawk fledglings reunite at their nest site.

It’s been another successful season for the Red-tailed Hawks nesting above Cornell University’s main campus! Big Red and Arthur raised all three of their chicks to fledging in late June, and the action hasn’t stopped since the parents became empty nesters. Let’s look back at some highlights from the past few weeks.

First Flights: The eldest chick “M1” fledged first after spending 47 days in the nest. Watch M1 take off with confidence on June 22 and make a dashing flight above the road near the nest site. The next evening, “M2” departed from the railing of the nesting tower and joined its elder sibling in exploring campus. It took “M3” (the youngest chick) six more days to finally muster the courage to leave the nest, but it was worth the wait! Our keen-eyed cam operators captured M3’s first flight and landing atop nearby Rice Hall, where it reunited with its siblings.  

Learning The Ropes: Since fledging, the Cornell Hawks Cam has followed the youngsters’ adventures as they learn to fly and capture prey (watch M1 go squirrel hunting). The trio has been sticking together (on rooftops and fences) as they traverse their new campus territory, and we’ve even spotted them competing for meals! They’ve also been reconvening at the nest site, often in a race to claim a prey delivery from Big Red or Arthur. 

We’re wishing all the best for this next generation of young Red-tailed Hawks. Keep up with their antics on the Cornell Hawks Cam and on Twitter @CornellHawks.

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