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Most Watched Nest Cam Highlights From Bird Cams!

April 10, 2024
Ospreys from the Savannah Osprey Cam

Since the project’s inception in 2012, the Cornell Lab’s Bird Cams have racked up hundreds of millions of views from fans in every corner of the world! Now that breeding season is upon us once again, we’re looking back at the most-watched moments from our nest cams, both past and present, in this video gallery. See if some of your favorite highlights made the list.

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Feeding Time

Mealtime is a universal language, and it’s no surprise that viewers flock to highlights that share these intimate views of wild birds feeding their young.

Tap to watch Big Red feed her chick while on its back on the Red-tailed Hawk Cam.
A Red-tailed Hawk nestling takes a relaxed approach during mealtime with Big Red on the Cornell Hawks Cam.
Tap to watch a fresh fish delivery on the Savannah Osprey Cam.
This fresh fish delivery and feeding on the Savannah Osprey Cam is our most-watched highlight to date.
Tap to watch the first meal for a nestling on the Laysan Albatross Cam.
A day-old chick receives its first meal from mom on the Laysan Albatross Cam.
Tap to watch a big snake delivered to the nest site on the Barred Owl Cam.
This shockingly large snake provides a family meal on the Barred Owl Cam.
Tap to watch a feeding on the American Robin Cam.
Two hatchlings spring up with mouths gaping on the American Robin Cam.

Feathers And Fun

The lighter side of birds’ lives brings joy, laughter, and warmth to the screen—and to the hearts of the cam community.

Tap to watch a hilarious landing on the Royal Albatross Cam.
A landing attempt goes hilariously wrong for this adult returning to the breeding colony on the Northern Royal Albatross Cam.
Tap to watch a chick go for a ride during mealtime on the American Kestrel Cam.
One hungry nestling goes for a ride while trying to bite off more than it could chew on the American Kestrel Cam.
Tap to watch Iris attack a squirrel at the Hellgate nest.
Iris the Osprey lets a squirrel know that it wandered up the wrong nesting pole on the Hellgate Osprey Cam.
Tap to watch Barn Owl nestlings track a fly in the nest box.
A fly buzzing around the nest box offers plenty of entertainment for the owlets from the Barn Owl Cam.

Hatching And Fledging

Developmental milestones like hatching and fledging are big days in young birds’ lives, and these special moments are always a draw for viewers.

Tap to watch hatching highlights from the Bermuda Cahow Cam.
The Bermuda Cahow Cam follows this hatchling’s transition from a pipping egg to fluffy ball of down.
Tap to watch Green-and-white Hummingbirds fledge in Peru.
Tiny fledglings embark on their first flights in the cloud forests of Peru on the Green-and-white Hummingbird Cam.
Tap to watch a White-tailed Tropicbird fledge out to sea.
This noisy nestling announces its first flight over the Atlantic Ocean on the White-tailed Tropicbird Cam.

Spectacular Scenes

Some of the most re-watchable highlights showcase the insightful, rare, and challenging moments in lives of birds—often from a perspective that wouldn’t be possible with a pair of binoculars.

Tap to watch Great Blue Herons ascend to their nest.
A breeding pair of herons reunite after ascending to their nest above Sapsucker Woods Pond on the Great Blue Heron Cam.
Tap to watch a surprise attack by a hawk at the Great Horned Owl nest.
On the Savannah Great Horned Owl Cam, this surprise attack by a Red-tailed Hawk catches the brooding female off guard.
Tap to watch Athena show off her third eyelid on the Wildflower Center Great Horned Owl Cam.
Athena shows off her protective “third eyelid” while incubating her eggs on the Wildflower Center Great Horned Owl Cam.
Tap to watch tender moments between a California Condor family.
A family of one of the world’s largest and most endangered birds shares tender moments together on the California Condor Cam.

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Pileated Woodpecker by Lin McGrew / Macaulay Library