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“Egg-citing” News For Owls, Hawks, And Ospreys

An Osprey keeps it eggs warm in Savannah, Georgia.
An Osprey incubates three eggs in a treetop nest in Savannah, Georgia.

Eggs Abound At Savannah Osprey Nest

It has been an “egg-citing” month on the Savannah Osprey cam. The Ospreys’ breeding season officially commenced on March 8 when the female nestled into her web of sticks and Spanish moss and laid the pair’s first egg. Interestingly, the egg was promptly buried deep in the nest and has not been recovered, but that didn’t stop the birds from continuing their annual nesting cycle. Three more brown-speckled eggs were laid on March 111316

The Ospreys are now tasked with a six-week-long incubation period, during which the female’s main duty will be to care for the eggs while the male supplies live fish. Get your daily dose of virtual vitamin D by checking in with the Ospreys at their sunny treetop territory overlooking the saltmarshes of Skidaway Island, Georgia. Watch cam

The male Barred Owl delivers all of the food to his mate during the incubation period.
The female Barred Owl receives a meal while keeping her eggs warm in the nest box.

Barred Owl Nest Box Also Fills With Eggs

The stars of the Wild Birds Unlimited Barred Owl cam have been busy caring for a clutch of their own! The owls are now well into their first week of the incubation period after the female laid three eggs on March 911, and 14, respectively. Assuming all goes well, hatching should begin in early April.

During the owls’ month-long incubation period, the female is reliant on her mate to deliver meals to the nest box while she shelters her eggs and keeps them warm. Barred Owls are opportunistic hunters, meaning you never know what might be delivered. Over the years, we’ve seen everything from crayfish and earthworms, to Blue Jays, to young opossums. This year, the male has already amassed an eclectic menu for his mate, including this northern short-tailed shrew! Make sure to keep an eye out for the next delivery at the nest box. Watch cam.   

Big Red is the female hawk on the Red-tailed Hawk cam.
Big Red incubates her eggs at the Cornell Hawks nest.

Breeding Season Commences For Cornell Hawks

Let the chimes ring out over campus—Cornell University’s resident Red-tailed Hawks are at it again. After weeks of watching Big Red and Arthur build up their nest and strengthen their bond with courtship rituals, we can finally report that the 2020 breeding season is underway!

In the late night hours of March 18, Big Red hunkered down and laid her first egg in the nest cup. Catch an up-close look at the egg when Arthur arrived for this year’s first incubation switch on the morning after. Big Red has a long history of laying 3 eggs per clutch, and she was right on time in the following days, laying two more eggs on March 21 and 24Watch cam.    

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Pileated Woodpecker by Lin McGrew / Macaulay Library