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Hudsonian Godwit


IUCN Conservation Status: Near Threatened

A large shorebird with a long, upturned bill, the Hudsonian Godwit breeds in the Arctic and winters in southern South America. Its remote breeding and wintering grounds have kept it one of the least well known of American shorebirds.

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Typical Voice

Adult Description

Large shorebird. Long, slightly upturned bill with dark tip and reddish base. Long legs. Black wing linings. White stripe in wings. White rump. Tail black with white base. Breeding plumage with dark reddish chest and black barring on sides. Nonbreeding plumage gray all over.

Immature Description

Juvenile similar to nonbreeding adult, but browner and with pale tips to back feathers.

Range Map Help

Hudsonian Godwit Range Map
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Field MarksHelp

  • Male breeding

    Hudsonian Godwit

    Male breeding
    • © J. R. Jehl, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, June 2000
  • Female breeding

    Hudsonian Godwit

    Female breeding
    • © 2004 Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, June 2000

Similar Species

  • Marbled Godwit larger, has longer bill, is a pale buff color overall, and has cinnamon underwings, not black-and-white pattern.
  • Rare Black-tailed Godwit very similar, but has white underwings, not black.
  • Bar-tailed Godwit lacks black-and-white in wings and tail.

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