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Swamp Sparrow


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

The simple trills of the Swamp Sparrow ring in spring and summer across eastern and central North America. Its name is appropriate, as it does live in swamps, but it can be found in a wide range of other wetland habitats too.

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Typical Voice

Adult Description

  • Small songbird.
  • Unstriped gray chest.
  • Reddish cap during breeding; streaked, with gray central stripe when nonbreeding.
  • Reddish wings.
  • Whitish throat and belly.
  • Gray face and sides of neck.

Immature Description

Juvenile similar to adult, but with fine streaking on buffy chest. Immature like adult, but with blurred streaking.

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Swamp Sparrow Range Map
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Similar Species

  • Adult Lincoln's Sparrow has a crisp, not blurred, streaking on breast and flanks, is grayer on the back, and has a distinct thin eyering. Juvenile Lincoln's Sparrow closely resembles juvenile Swamp Sparrow with its dark streaking on a buffy chest, but crown of Lincoln's is usually streaked, while that of Swamp Sparrow is solid brown or black.