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Greater Sage-Grouse


IUCN Conservation Status: Near Threatened

A bird of the open sagebrush plains, the Greater Sage-Grouse is the largest grouse species in North America.

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Golden-collared Manakin


Typical Voice

Adult Description

Large chicken-like bird. Grayish in color. Belly black. Long tail, with spiky tail feathers.

Immature Description

Immature similar to adult of same sex.

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Greater Sage-Grouse Range Map
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Similar Species

  • Very similar to Gunnison Sage-Grouse, which is smaller, has a paler tail, and more prominent head plumes. Ranges do not overlap.
  • Wild Turkey is larger, has rounded tail feathers, and lacks a black belly.
  • Both Dusky Grouse and Sooty Grouse are distinguished from female Greater Sage-Grouse by slightly smaller size, rounded (not pointed) tail, and plainer underparts lacking blackish belly patch.
  • Sharp-tailed Grouse is distinguished from female Greater Sage-Grouse by smaller size, short tail, white undertail coverts, and plainer underparts lacking blackish belly.