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Gray Partridge


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

Introduced from Eurasia, the Gray Partridge can be found in flat agricultural land along the length of the Canada-United States border.

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Typical Voice

Adult Description

Small chicken-like bird. Short neck and tail. Grayish brown back and chest. Dark reddish U-shaped belly patch. Chestnut barring on flanks. Face and throat reddish. Bill and legs gray. Short, rounded wings. Tail chestnut.

Immature Description

Juvenile dull pale brown with darker streaks and spots, lacking most of the adult pattern.

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Gray Partridge Range Map
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Similar Species

  • Chukar has black necklace, has whitish throat, dark barring on flanks, a red bill and legs, and lacks dark belly patch.
  • Mountain Quail has a dark throat, white barring on flanks, and a long head plume.
  • Smaller than any grouse.