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Eurasian Tree Sparrow


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

Native to the Old World, the Eurasian Tree Sparrow was released into the St. Louis, Missouri, area in 1870, where it became established. Unlike its close relative, the House Sparrow, it has not spread very far from the original point of introduction.

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Typical Voice

Adult Description

  • Small, stocky songbird.
  • Bill thick.
  • Legs short.
  • Chest unstreaked.
  • Wingbars.
  • Black throat and ear patch.
  • White cheeks.
  • Rufous crown.

Immature Description

Juvenile duller with grayish patch in center of crown blending into reddish brown at sides of crown, and indistinct dark ear-patch.

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Eurasian Tree Sparrow Range Map
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Field MarksHelp

  • Adult

    Eurasian Tree Sparrow

    • © 2004 Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Holstebro, Denmark

Similar Species

  • Male House Sparrow is larger and chunkier, lacks a dark ear patch and a white collar, and has a small white spot over the eye, and grayer underparts. Female House Sparrow quite different, lacking dark throat and cap.