Photo Quiz 5: On Your Field Marks, Get Set, Go!

December 18, 2009
flying ducks Photo by Chris Wood.
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Congratulations to everyone who took Photo Quiz 4. No one had much trouble picking out the stockier, thicker-billed Philadelphia Vireo amid the warblers on display—a clear example of the value of size and shape in picking out differences in similarly colored birds. (See our free video series Inside Birding for more on how to ID birds with speed and precision.)

Still, sometimes you get a great view of a bird, and by simply putting together the field marks on display you quickly arrive at an identification. You do still need to know which details of a bird’s plumage are the ones that will identify it, of course. So tell us: What are the birds in this picture? And which parts of their plumage are you using to decide? As always, thanks for playing!

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  • Brooke

    These are all wigeon. The one with the brownish head is a Eurasian Wigeon (male). The first and last birds are American Wigeon (male), and the second bird is a female (probably) American Wigeon.

  • Male American Wigeons on the ends, female American wigeon second in from left and a Eurasian Wigeon with the reddish head.

  • the one, two and four are American wigeon(Anas americana) and the number tree is a Eurasian wigeon (anas penelope), same bill color, size and black tip; the white spot over the black secondaries plus the green back eyestripe and white median crown stripe. also the brown head, nape and throat for the anas penelope.

  • Looks like there aren’t any problems on this one either.

    1 and 4 are Male Am Wigeon

    2 is a female Am Wigeon

    3 is a Male Eurasian Wigeon.