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February 28, 2014
Artist Jane Kim and Cornell Lab Executive Director John Fitzpatrick are interviewed by Senior Science Editor Hugh Powell for Talk To The Artist: An Epic Mural Celebrates The Evolution And Diversity Of Birds, August 12. 2015. Artist Jane Kim and Cornell Lab executive director John Fitzpatrick are interviewed by Senior Science Editor Hugh Powell for Talk To The Artist: An Epic Mural Celebrates The Evolution And Diversity Of Birds, broadcast August 12, 2015.
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The Cornell Lab hosts seminars throughout the year, including our long-running Monday Night Seminar series, a tradition established decades ago by Lab founder Dr. Arthur Allen. Speakers include Cornell Lab staff, book authors, and distinguished scientists from around the world.

Beginning in 2013 we began livestreaming some of these seminars so that people outside of the Ithaca, New York, area could watch them. We’ve also archived those videos for viewing at any time:

Winter 2018

February 5, 2018: A Night At The Museum (Of Vertebrates)
Speakers: Vanya Rohwer and Casey Dillman, curators of the Cornell University Museum of Vertebrates

Fall 2017

December 4, 2017: Primates And Snakes, 75 Million Years Of Deadly Dialogue?
Speaker: Harry Greene, Cornell University’s Department of Ecology and Evolution

November 8, 2017: The Project FeederWatch Team Answers Your Questions About Bird Feeding
Speakers: Emma Grieg and Chelsea Benson, Project FeederWatch

November 6, 2017: Arthur Singer: 50 Years of Wildlife Art
Speaker: Paul and Alan Singer

October 2, 2017: Birding Without Borders: An Epic World Big Year
Speaker: Noah Strycker, writer and world birder

Summer 2017

September 16, 2017: Bird Cams Appreciation Night Presentation And Q&A Session
Speakers: Miyoko Chu, Charles Eldermire, Ben Walters, the Cornell Lab Bird Cams team

Spring 2017

June 5, 2017: Birds Through The Lens: Using Video Technology To Reveal The Lives Of Birds 
Speaker: Ann Johnson Prum, founder, producer, and cinematographer of Coneflower Studios

May 16, 2017: Questions About Nesting Birds? Live From A Robin’s Nest, We’ve Got Answers
Speaker: Robyn Bailey, Cornell Lab’s NestWatch project leader

May 1, 2017: Bird Mortality From Collisions With Glass: What We’ve Learned, What We Need To Know, What You Can Do
Speaker:  Christine Sheppard, Bird Collisions Campaign Manager, American Bird Conservancy

April 3, 2017: A World Of Sound: A Blind Birdwatcher Shares His Story
Speaker: Juan Pablo Culasso, sound recordist

Winter 2017

February 6, 2017: Of Islands And Undergrads: A Decade Of Bird Study In The Isles Of Shoals
Speaker: David Bonter, head of the Cornell Lab’s citizen science program

Fall 2016

December 5, 2016: Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer
Speaker: Peter Marra, head of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

October 3, 2016: Coffee, Communities, and Conservation: How Your Cup Can Make a Difference
Speaker: Amanda Rodewald, Garvin Professor of Ornithology and Director of Conservation Science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Spring 2016

April 25, 2016: Alone In This Remote Place: The Pioneering Women Biologists Of New York’s Raptor Recovery Programs
Speaker: Darryl McGrath, author

March 21 2016: Spotlight On Young Bird Researchers
Speakers: Connor Taff, postdoctoral associate at the Cornell Lab, Sahas Barve, Cornell Ph.D. candidate, Taylor Heaton Crisologo, Cornell undergraduate

Fall 2015

December 7, 2015: The Marriage Of Art And Science: A One-Of-A-Kind Mural Of Birds
Speaker: Jane Kim, artist

November 2, 2015: The Living Bird: 100 Years Of Listening To Nature
Speaker: Gerrit Vyn, photographer, cinematographer, and sound recordist

October 19, 2015: BirdReturns: How Big Data And Farmers Are Protecting The Pacific Flyway In California
Speakers: Brian Sullivan, Cornell Lab’s eBird program, and Mark Reynolds, The Nature Conservancy

Summer 2015

September 14, 2015: To Interpret And Conserve: After 100 Years, What Has The Cornell Lab Of Ornithology Come To Mean?
Speaker: John Fitzpatrick, Cornell Lab Executive Director

August 12, 2015: Talk To The Artist: An Epic Mural Celebrates The Evolution And Diversity Of Birds
Speakers: Jane Kim, artist, and John Fitzpatrick, Cornell Lab Executive Director

Spring 2015

May 4, 2015: Into The Nest: Intimate Views Of The Courting, Parenting, And Family Lives Of Familiar Birds
Speakers: Laura Erickson, naturalist, and Marie Read, photographer

April 6, 2015: Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest To Bring A Beloved Seabird Back To Egg Rock
Speaker: Stephen Kress, director Project Puffin

March 23, 2015: Uphill Struggles: Cassowaries, Seeds, And Conservation In New Guinea
Speaker: Andrew Mack, conservation biologist at Cassowary Conservation & Publishing

Winter 2015

March 2, 2015: In Australia, Superb Lyrebirds Combine Vocal Mimicry With Complex Dance Steps
Speaker: Anastasia Dalziell, wildlife biologist

January 29 and 31, 2015: Life in an Adelie Penguin Colony—Live From Antarctica
Speakers: Josh Kohut, Rutgers University, and Donna Fraser, Polar Oceans Research Group.

Fall 2014

November 17, 2014: Birds of the Mono Lake Basin
Speaker: Marie Read, photographer

October 20, 2014: Science and Nature in the Galapagos Islands
Speakers: Irby Lovette, director of the Fuller Evolutionary Biology Program, Cornell Lab Ornithology, and Fausto Rodriguez, Galapagos Park Naturalist and founder of Galapagos Best

September 29, 2014: Hawaii’s Birds: Past, Present and Future
Speaker: Jack Jeffrey, photographer and wildlife biologist

September 15, 2014: What Caused the Passenger Pigeon’s Collapse, and What Have We Learned?
Speaker: John Fitzpatrick, Executive Director of the Cornell Lab, recounts the catastrophic decline of the Passenger Pigeon using fascinating eyewitness accounts from the historical literature. He then addresses what wisdom we can take away from the most famous human-caused extinction in history.

Spring 2014

April, 2014: Falconry, An Ancient Art Lives on in America
Speaker: Tim Gallagher from the Cornell Lab presents a history of falconry and an overview of its current practice in the U.S. This talk was presented at Cornell’s Mann Library in conjunction with the April 2014 exhibit An Extreme Stirrer-Up of Passions: Falconry at Cornell and Beyond.

March 21, 2014: To Know the Crow: Insights and Stories From a Quarter-Century of Crow Study
Speakers: Kevin McGowan, Cornell Lab, and Anne Clark, Binghamton University

March 17, 2014: Great New Tips for Identifying Warblers—From the Authors of The Warbler Guide
Speakers: Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle

March 3, 2014: Have Notebook and Camera, Will Travel
Speaker: Rachel Dickinson, travel writer and birder

February 20, 2014: Social Selection and the Evolution of Ornaments
Speaker: Joseph Tobias, Oxford University

February 3, 2014: Ten Secrets to Never Having a Slow Day in the Field
Speakers: Michael O’Brien and Louise Zemaitis, expert naturalists from Cape May, New Jersey

January 31, 2014: Chat With Antarctic Scientists and Watch Their Penguin Cam
Speakers: Josh Kohut of Rutgers University, and Bill Fraser of the Polar Oceans Research Group, speaking live from Palmer Station, Antarctica

November 18, 2013: Behind the Scenes With Bird Cams
Speaker: Charles Eldermire, Bird Cams Project Leader, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

November 4, 2013: Natural History, Aesthetics, and Conservation
Speaker: Harry Greene, Professor and Faculty Curator of Herpetology, Cornell University

September 30, 2013: Protecting the World’s Last Pristine Ocean: Ross Sea, Antarctica
Speaker: Grant Ballard, Chief Science Officer, Point Blue Conservation Science


  • I’m eager to watch the seminar about Crows, held on Monday. We weren’t able to catch it live because of other commitments. When will it be up on your archives?

  • Hugh

    Hi Jessie – The crow seminar archive should be up later today. Thanks for watching! – Hugh

  • I’d LOVE to be able to see “Humpback Whales—Composers of the Seas” from last month. Any idea when this might be available in this archive? Thanks you!


  • Never mind, I see it in the pingback link above. Cool.

  • Brian

    Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t be able to attend tomorrow’s “Hawaii’s Birds: Past, Present, and Future” program (9/29/2014). Will a video archive be made available? Thank you!

  • Joe

    So far I don’t see any of the seminars from the fall of 2014. Will you be putting up videos in the archive?


  • Hugh

    Hi Joe – The first talk from Fall 2014 is now linked in this archive—hope you enjoy it. We’ll continue to post archives of this fall’s livestreamed seminars a few days after they’ve aired. Thanks for watching! – Hugh

  • Hugh

    Hi Brian – We’ll have an archived version of the Hawaii’s Birds talk posted in a few days. Thanks for checking the archive. – Hugh

  • Allie

    Hi my class loves your live stream so far

  • Allie

    How long does it take for the baby penguin to leave the nest?

  • Allie

    I am from Lincoln middle school and I am one of Mrs. Hester Fearon’s and we were wondering if the penguins go to sleep after they eat?

  • Allie

    Have you seen the penguins use the guano for anything besides cementing their nests?

  • Allie

    I am a student who is wondering why were the Penguins flapping?

  • Allie

    I am a student and I wanted to thank you for doing this research!

  • Keila

    Hi I’m keila from mrs. Hester-fearon’s science class in lms in kearny Nj . I’m wondering if the Penguins clean themselves up from when they eat there food and are all dirty?

  • Nancy Castillo

    I’m looking for the Marie Read & Laura Erickson lecture video. I thought it was here earlier….

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  • Hugh

    Hi Nancy – we have not posted this video yet but we will eventually – sorry for the delay! – Hugh

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