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They’re back! Big Red lays first egg; nest now live on new cams website


While we’ve been preparing for another busy cams season, Big Red and Ezra came up with a surprise for us: an egg laid yesterday evening, March 14! The pair had moved their nest to a different light pole overlooking the same athletics field at Cornell, and we’ve been working hard for the past two weeks to install wiring and cams at the new nest site. Although the live feed wasn’t up and running yesterday, the new cam captured the moment in this video when Big Red stood up and revealed the egg.

With a possible second egg coming in the next day or two, we don’t want you to miss anything, so we’ve decided to go live even though the signal may drop occasionally as we troubleshoot some networking issues. Thanks for your patience! Watch the live cam now

New Bird Cams Website

We’ve also got a brand-new Bird Cams website with all the features from last year plus some improvements:

A new home page: The cams home page at is our new hub. From one page you can get to any of our other cams and read the top news.

Live chat returns soon: Right now the live chat is turned off, but we’ll roll it out again as soon as we’ve had a chance to coordinate with all of our moderators. Meanwhile, you can share comments by posting in the news section below the feed. Note that if you don’t already have a Facebook account, you’ll need to choose a login name and password to comment.

Twitter feeds for nests: For nests that have their own Twitter feed, click on the button underneath the live feed. This will pop out an auto-refreshing window displaying that cam’s tweets for you to read.

Keeping tabs: Last year, did you worry you were missing breaking news because of how fast the live chat moved? This year, we’re posting news items, highlight clips, timeline events, and nest site info in a space below the live feed. Click on each tab to see what’s there.

Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoy the new website and this new nesting season for Big Red and Ezra.

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