The Cornell Lab: Now Offering to Shorten Your List

December 1, 2008

Though certain Lab folks are all about lengthening their life lists, state lists, yard lists, car lists, or pooped-on-by lists, we’ve hit the time of year when one particular list takes precedence, and we put all our energy into shortening it. That’s the holiday gift-giving list.

With the last of the turkey sandwiches reduced to crumbs and the first of the turkey soup simmering in the kitchen, it’s time to look down that list of sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, in-laws, sweethearts, friends, co-workers, and pets and figure out who gets what.

This year, we’ve launched a website to help you give the gifts of knowledge and conservation to your loved ones. We’re calling it “Change the Present.” It’s our way of acknowledging that some people may enjoy a gift that fits nicely in their brains rather than on their shelves, in their closets, or sometimes (let’s face it) in the attic.

Have a look around the Change the Present website. We’ve got gift ideas for everyone from kids to grandparents, including gift memberships, a gardening kit, a Bird ID card game, a year of Project FeederWatch, and enrollment in our highly regarded Home Study Course and Spring Field Ornithology programs.

And thanks to all you bloggers who’ve already started spreading the word: Zen Birdfeeder, Birdchick, Greensboro Birds, and Birdingcouple.

Just remember to act fast. Once December is over, we’ll be putting all our energies into lengthening your list again.

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