Slideshow: If You’ve Seen These Birds, Thank the Endangered Species Act

September 5, 2018

Birds are all around us—even birds that were once on the brink of extinction. Bald Eagles now occur in every mainland state in the U.S. Peregrine Falcons scream over barren coastlines and hunt Rock Pigeons in cities. Brown Pelicans delight beachgoers with their low-slung glides and crashing dives. And the list goes on.

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Many of these recoveries are thanks to the hard work and commitment represented by the Endangered Species Act and the people who dedicate their careers to helping species. To celebrate, we’ve put together this slideshow showing just some of the birds the Act has helped turn around. You can see a comprehensive list in a report published by the American Bird Conservancy: it finds 70% of all listed bird species are better off today.

When you see any of these species, take a moment and thank the Endangered Species Act.

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