On Your Mark, Set, Birdshare!

By Hugh Powell

collage of bird images
Images: Mountain Bluebird by C Tucker/GBBC; Swainson’s Hawk and Burrowing Owls by robinsegg; juvenile night-heron by troyes; Great Blue Heron by chickadee.

Halfway through Birdshare‘s first week of existence we’ve hit 22 members and just over 140 photos added to the group. The photo pool is building so quickly that some photos missed their chance to appear in the flickr widget on our sidebar. So today’s post is just a pause, a deep breath, and a chance to revisit a few of my favorites so far.

I always love to see Mountain Bluebirds, which have the advantage of being pretty all by themselves and typically flutter around in front of America’s greatest scenery. Swainson’s Hawks and these Salt Lake City Burrowing Owls are in the same category. The Great Blue Heron might just be the world’s most frequently photographed bird, but the shot above is a totally new take on the classic. And finally, if there’s any way to say “barking up the wrong tree” in night-heron-ese, this is it. (For more discussion of your favorite birds, see the thread over at Birdfreak. Or go to Birdshare and nominate your own.)

If you haven’t joined yet, you can get the lowdown on how and why to join Birdshare here. Then dig out that digital camera or those vacation photos, and send us some of your favorites. For inspiration, the rest of the Birdshare photo pool is here.

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