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Living Bird Winter 2023—Table Of Contents

A white bird, a Willow Ptarmigan, on a snowy landscape.
Willow Ptarmigan by Joey Hausler/Macaulay Library.

Feature Articles

  • A streaked black and white bird with a few long head feathers stands on a branch.
    Macaulay Library’s Best Bird Photos 2023

    Birders added more than 9 million photos to the Cornell Lab’s Macaulay Library in 2022 alone. From bee-eaters to Bat Falcons, kingfishers to cockatoos, and loons to lorikeets, here are some of our favorites.

    Featuring more than 50 contributors
  • A Mountain Chickadee, just showing it's head to the side, which is striped white and black, fading into a gray body, holds an almond in its beak.
    Harsh Mountain Winters Have Made Chickadees Smarter

    A decade of research has revealed how the cognitive abilities of chickadees are shaped by their surroundings. Now scientists have begun to peer inside the black box of genetics, uncovering the variations in the birds’ DNA that made these adaptations possible.

    By Rebecca Heisman
  • Montage of birds in decline.
    Three Years After 3 Billion Birds Lost, America’s Birds Are Still in Decline

    The latest State of the Birds Report uncovers continuing declines but also shows opportunities for bringing birds back—while aligning bird conservation with biodiversity protection, environmental justice, and climate resilience.

    By Krishna Ramanujan
  • A White-throated Sparrow, a streaky brown bird with a gray/white belly wish a black, white and yellow streaky face with a white throat, stands on a rock in the snow and looks at the camera.
    Camera Traps Are Like Candid Camera for Your Backyard Birds

    It’s a fun new avenue for bird photography: using a “camera trap” to shoot images whenever a bird appears in your backyard—like an avian selfie photo booth.

    Photos and Text by Carla Rhodes  

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American Kestrel by Blair Dudeck / Macaulay Library

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