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Living Bird Spring 2023—Table Of Contents

a glittering green and red bird, a quetzal, sits on a rainforest branch.
Resplendent Quetzal by Gerard de Jong/Birdshare.

Feature Articles

  • Costa Ricans Join Hands to Cultivate a Quetzal Community

    The retired editor of Birds of North America finds a slice of Costa Rica where the regal Resplendent Quetzal has inspired communion among farms and tourist lodges, birds and people.

    Essay by Alan Poole
  • At Famed Walden Pond, Spring Is Coming Earlier Than It Did in Thoreau’s Day

    The detailed record of bird sightings and phenological observations around Concord, Massachusetts—from Thoreau’s notes 170 years ago to today’s studies by scientists at Boston University—provides a key to studying how climate change is affecting bird migration.

    By Amanda S. Gallinat and Richard B. Primack; Photography by Tim Laman 
  • A Poet-Ornithologist Walks Walden Pond, From Boise to Concord

    “I first met Thoreau in my junior high English composition and American literature classes. Most of my peers didn’t take to Emerson, Thoreau, and Whitman, but I did. Even if removed from my own life by more than a century, there was this hint of kindred spiritedness, across time and race and place, that appealed to me.”

    Essay by J. Drew Lanham; Photography by Tim Laman
  • Bright Lights and Big Data: Radar Ornithology and the Rise of BirdCast

    A small group of innovative researchers cracked the secret of bird migration—and then set about applying that knowledge to save birds from the hazards of city lights.

    By Rebecca Heisman

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American Kestrel by Blair Dudeck / Macaulay Library

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