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How to Create Your Own Facebook Fundraiser to Help the Cornell Lab

Piping Plover and chick by B.N. Singh via Birdshare.

If you’re looking for a way to help the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and spread awareness of our work among your friends, here’s a great way to do it: Facebook.

You can now create your own Facebook Fundraiser on behalf of organizations like the Cornell Lab. The benefits of doing this are far-reaching: you can inspire your friends to support us while also increasing their awareness of our work. Your friends are also encouraged to share with their Facebook communities, which means you may receive gifts from people you don’t even know who connect with your story! (See our FAQ on Facebook Fundraisers for more.)

Facebook makes raising funds easy, fun, and secure. As a fundraiser, you can set donation goals and track your progress. It’s also safe: donors can enter their payment information securely and easily through Facebook.

Have a birthday coming up? Celebrating a milestone? Want to mark a meaningful occasion like, say, International Migratory Bird Day or Rachel Carson’s birthday? Whatever the reason, Facebook Fundraisers are a great way to raise funds for the Cornell Lab—and we deeply appreciate your help in spreading the word.

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Learn how in 5 simple steps

(Tip: Get started from this easy link. Note that it’s possible to set up a fundraiser on your phone, but you may find it easier on a tablet or laptop as you’ll be doing a little bit of typing):

Step 1. Go To “Fundraisers” in Your Newsfeed

This part is easy: just go to this link to get started. You’ll be taken to your Facebook page and a form that starts the process.

Step 2. Tell Your Story

Fill in the form with your goal amount and end date. Next, you will be asked to tell your story about why you are connected to the Cornell Lab. This will be the story that appears when you are sharing with your network, so make sure to personalize your message!

Step 3: Add A Cover Photo

Next, pick the cover photo that you want to be paired with your fundraiser page. By clicking the edit icon on the suggested photo you have the ability to select or upload alternate photos. If you choose to select a new photo, scroll through the image options and select the one you want.

Step 3, Facebook fundraising
Step 3: Choose a photo to pair with your fundraiser.

Step 4: Publish Your Fundraiser

Click “Create” and your Facebook Fundraiser for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology will be published. Now you can share your personalized fundraiser with your social network in honor of your connection to our cause.

Step 4: facebook fundraising
Step 4: Publish and share your fundraiser.

Step 5: Reach Your Goal

Lastly, don’t be shy! Post your fundraiser to your timeline a few times before your end date approaches. You can follow up by opening your fundraiser page and clicking the share button.

Here are some ideas for following up with your friends:

  • Reposting about the progress made towards your goal so far. If you are 50% towards your goal, thank those that donated and ask the rest of your network to help you raise the remaining amount.
  • Sharing again on the final day of your fundraiser to promote urgency. You can say something along the lines of “This is the last day to donate, please help me meet my goal!”

If you have any additional questions, see our FAQ on Facebook Fundraisers, or contact 866-989-BIRD for more assistance.

Thank you for your interest in raising awareness and donations for the Cornell Lab. We love having you as part of our community!


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