great egret Great Egret by Donna Teubert, We Love Birds photo contest winner.

Happy Earth Day 2010! There’s plenty happening today that will remind you of what a wonderful planet we live on, and one of those is the announcement of the winners—chosen by you—in the first-ever We Love Birds photo contest.

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This dreamy portrait of a preening Great Egret, by Donna Teubert, is one of the 10 winners. Visit the website for more information about the contest, and to see a slideshow of the winners on the home page.

Congratulations to Donna and the rest of the winners! As noted over at We Love Birds, the voting was very close. That’s a reflection of the overall quality of photos as well as the remarkable ability that so many kinds of birds have to inspire us to say “Wow.” That said, there are a few familiar faces in the Winners Circle, including a few Great Blue Herons,  a couple of bluebirds, the hard-to-ignore Northern Cardinal, and a lovely Wood Duck caught in a stream of reflections. Head over and see for yourself! And thanks for sharing the planet with us.

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