Gallery: Page From An Artist’s Sketchbook

By Catherine Hamilton
June 13, 2018
Sketches of Bano Haralu and he Amur Falcon by Catherine HamiltonCatherine Hamilton sketched scenes from her journey through Nagaland in search of the Amur Falcon gathering.

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Bird artist Catherine Hamilton joined author Scott Weidensaul’s expedition to northeastern India’s remote Nagaland state to witness the spectacle of the Amur Falcon migration.

After seeing the falcons gather by the tens of thousands, she shared dinner at the Friends of the Amur Falcon house in the village of Pangti with local conservationist Bano Haralu.

Of her experience, Hamilton wrote: 10/29/2017 The morning lift-off, from the platform site, was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The falcons are here. Not at their peak numbers quite yet, but still in impressive numbers. 40–50,000 falcons swirling around you at first light is a pretty incredible sight.

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