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Gallery: Cedar Waxwings

By Marie Read
From the Autumn 2016 issue of Living Bird magazine. Subscribe now.
Cedar Waxwings by Marie Reed
Cedar Waxwings by Marie Read.

Flocks of hungry Cedar Waxwings often descend on the fruit-laden crabapple trees in the Cornell Plantations Arboretum. I love to photograph these elegant birds close up, but on this particular day, I decided to try capturing groups of waxwings rather than individuals. This group of four made a nice composition, but when they all plucked fruits at the same time I couldn’t believe my luck. The lighting was special, too: snow on the ground under the tree in which the waxwings were perched reflected light up onto them from below, making them almost appear to glow. Within seconds the group had dispersed and the special moment was over!

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