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Flamingoly Asked Questions

By Hugh Powell
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Well, it looks like a question mark to me. Photo by steve.

In 2008, our science editor Laura Erickson is compiling a book of answers to bird questions, and she wants to make sure she answers whatever you might have been puzzling over lately.

We do have quite a treasure trove of questions to draw from already. For 22 years, Laura has fielded questions on her Minnesota radio show. And here at the Lab, our front desk negotiates a constant stream of inquiries from emails and phone calls.

But questions are like dandelions: they just keep popping up. So consider this post an open thread for collecting your questions – and send your incessantly curious friends over here, too. Over the next few weeks, I’ll add any stumpers that Anne sends me. To set the tone, here’s a quick sampler culled from recent questions:

What is this gorgeous black, white, and red bird at my feeder?

Could a hawk eat my dog?

Where do young Purple Martins disappear to right after they leave the nest?

More questions and answers here. Now let’s hear some of yours!

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