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Explore Feathers With New, Free Resources From Bird Academy

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NOTE: All About Birds Biology changed its name to Bird Academy in September 2015.

All About Bird Biology is the Cornell Lab’s new fun, educational website designed to inspire anyone curious about birds and biology. The site explores science topics in innovative ways, using vibrant multimedia and interactive features that allow users to test their knowledge as they move through the topics.

The site appeals to curious minds of all ages, and provides free resources for teachers to use in classrooms. It explores each topic from many angles, combining the principles of anatomy, behavior, ecology, evolution, and conservation. All About Bird Biology is a great tool for educators and students to learn how birds illuminate many aspects of biology. The interactive features make many of the topics feel more tangible and accessible than just reading a textbook alone, and the site offers resources for a diversity of learning styles.

All About Bird Biology is designed as an ever-expanding resource. The site launched in March 2014 with All About Feathers. New topics are continually under development: our next release will be All About Bird Song.

What’s included on the site:

  • Self-paced interactive features are designed for learners who want to explore bird life by interacting with custom illustrations, animations, and videos.
  • The video library draws from the Cornell Lab’s rich animal behavior archive and world-class wildlife footage. It showcases the jaw-dropping diversity of birds from your feeder to far-flung forests. Of special interest are the 25+ videos featuring the colorful and bizarre birds-of-paradise.
  • Each interactive feature is accompanied by a Powerpoint download full of illustrations and animations. These are built as visual toolkits for understanding bird biology, for use by students and especially as teaching aids for educators to use in their own classes.
  • “Bird-ology” articles act as reference guides for each topic, streamlining the number of interactive features to provide quick access to the science. Hover-over definitions in the text help users learn new terms.
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American Kestrel by Blair Dudeck / Macaulay Library