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Virtual For The Love of Birds Festival

January 27 - January 29



Learn from 14 of the coolest and most unconventional speakers, all from diverse backgrounds and experts in their fields, ready to help you expand what you thought was possible, learn practical skills, and fall even more deeply in love with the world of birds.

You’ll hear from folks like:

Woniya Thibeault, star of The History Channel’s ALONE show 

Killiii Yuyan, National Geographic photographer

Richard Crossley, author of The Crossley ID Guides

Nathan Pipleow, author of Peterson’s Field Guide to Bird Sounds 

Craig Childs, author of Animal Dialogues & The Secret Knowledge of Water

Paul Bannick, wildlife photographer and author of The Owl & The Woodpecker

Dr. Pepper Trail, forensic ornithologist & creator of The Feather Atlas

Jennie Duberstein, PhD, “conservation matchmaker” at Sonoran Joint Venture

John Muir Laws, artist and author of Laws Guide to Drawing Birds

Julie Zickafoose, biologist and author of Saving Jemima

George Bumann, Yellowstone’s Master Artist, Naturalist, and Animal Language Expert

Casey McFarland, professional wildlife tracker and author of Peterson Field Guide to Bird Nests PLUS the book, Bird Feathers

Kelly Magleby, ancestral Puebloan-style potter


Kristi Dranginis/Bird Mentor
birdmentor@yahoo.com (Kristi Dranginis
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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