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Parliament of Owls

May 9 - May 20


Parliament of Owls Online Bird School is a two-week program for artists to learn about the ecology of birds. The virtual residency will feature daily live video lectures with international ornithological researchers on a range of bird-related topics, one tethered international field trip in your backyard and several short one-on-one meetings with artists working with birds around the world. Built into the 2 – 3 hours of daily programming are discussions, recommended assignments, and show and tell. The program is designed to give insight into the lives of birds from a wide range of perspectives.

Lectures topics will include:

  • Contemporary artists working with live birds
  • Identifying Birds by Ear
  • How Birds Manifest and See Color
  • How Wildfires Affect Birds and Their Migration
  • The Effects of Discarded Plastic on Bird Populations
  • Cormorants and Urban Ecologies
  • Virtual dawn chorus field trip: outdoor bird count and deep listening at a location of your choice
  • Bird/Building Collision Emergency Response
  • How to use eBird for counting birds and Merlin for identifying them
  • Evolution of Brood Parasitism
  • Backyard Birding During Migration
  • Virtual tour of the Museum of Natural History’s ornithology archives.

Alexis Williams


Ayatana Artists’ Research Program
Richmond, Ontario K0A 2Z0 Canada
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Ayatana Artists’ Research Program
artlovesscience@gmail.com (Alexis Williams)
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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