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International Hawk Migration Week

September 17 - September 25


This event takes place at all the raptor monitoring sites across the continent. Please visit www.hawkcount.org to find a site near you.

Join watch sites throughout North America during International Hawk Migration Week (IHMW) to enjoy the annual spectacle of fall raptor migration and help raise awareness of hawks, hawk migration, and the Hawk Migration Association of North American (HMANA) network of sites that make Hawkcount an invaluable resource. This particular week in mid-to-late September was chosen due to the sheer number of raptors that are counted across North America.

Last year, 113 sites throughout Canada, the United States, and Mexico tallied over 700,000 migrating raptors during IHMW. This year over 50 sites will be displaying their free weatherproof HMANA IHMW banners and celebrating with festivals, workshops, and special raptor events. We hope you’ll join us!

Here are a few ways to take part: Head out to your favorite hawk watch or visit a new site, introduce a friend or young person to hawk watching, organize a HMANA membership drive or raise money for a sponsorship of your favorite site’s HawkCount page (September is fundraising month for the database!), participate in a Big Day count, attend a hawk watching festival, or have a hawk-watch-site cookout to celebrate hawk migration.


Hawk Migration Association of North America
brown@hmana.org (Julie Brown)
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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