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Colombia Birdfair

February 10 - February 13


Colombia Birdfair is an annual event to promote the interest of civil society in the observation and conservation of birds, birdwatching tourism as a strategy for conservation and sustainable rural development, and to raise funds for bird preservation projects in Colombia.

Colombia Birdfair is held in various areas in the city of Cali, Colombia. There are 993 bird species recorded only in Valle del Cauca, the state whose capital is Cali. There are about 1,920 bird species in Colombia.

During this four-day event, there will be daily birdwatching trips for children and adults, as well as conferences and workshops with experts from various countries. The birdfair includes a trade show with a wide variety of products and services related to birds; specialized items and birdwatching tours can be purchased.

There will be commercial and photo exhibitions at the Colombia Bird Fair, and daily activities during the month of February in Unicentro, one of the biggest shopping centers in town, for families to learn about the wonderful world of birds.

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NGO Asociación Río Cali
Calle 4 # 35A-08, Edificio Antofagasta
Cali, Valle del Cauca Colombia
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NGO Asociación Río Cali
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