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Cancelled? – Winter Raptor Fest 2020

October 3 - October 4


We are monitoring COVID-19. Check back at our website to see if the festival will be cancelled.

“Predators of the Sky” – Vermont Institute of Natural Science

Join VINS educators and birds of prey as they reveal the tools and skills that help native hawks, owls and falcons rule the sky in this exciting free-flight demonstration! You never know what you’ll see and learn when VINS educators take the stage with their fabulous birds of prey!

“Night Owls” – North Country Wild Care

Educator Diane Hime introduces you to a very special Barred owl and Great horned owl in this presentation about native owls that come out to “prey” at night! Learn about nocturnal owls, their habitat, prey and specialized tactics for survival.

“Wildlife Alive!” – New York State Wildlife Rehab Council

NYSWRC Director Kelly Martin introduces you to a variety of birds of prey from the great Northeast. She’ll share stories about the owls, hawks and falcons she’s rehabbed and give you tips on what you should do when you find orphaned or injured wildlife. Kelly has been rehabbing wildlife for over 30 years, including state endangered Short-eared owls, Northern harriers (threatened), American kestrels and more!

“Those Amazing Grassland Raptors!” – The Wildlife Institute of Eastern NY

We’ve lost 700 million grassland birds in the U.S. and Canada since 1970! Meet and learn about the amazing owls, hawks and falcons that depend on open grasslands for their survival! TWIENY Director Trish Marki explores the interconnected relationship between grassland raptors and their habitat. Discover the myriad benefits of grassland bird conservation, from protecting our food supply to mitigating climate change.

“The Threat to Boreal Habitats” – Adirondack Wildlife Refuge

AWR Director Wendy Hall and Kayla, a Lynx who lives at the refuge, introduce you to the mysteries of these big cats and how they, Great gray owls and other animals survive in such frigid climates.  Find out why boreal forests matter to all of us.and learn about the human activities that threaten their survival. Wendy will share fascinating facts about Lynx and her stories about living with a lynx at the refuge

“Winged Wonders” – Vermont Institute of Natural Science

Learn how raptors reach for the skies as they take flight before your eyes! See hawks and falcons demonstrate their aerial prowess as VINS educators uncover the mysteries of defying gravity and the physics of flight.


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