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Cancelled Lesser Praire-Chicken Festival

April 14 - April 20


Due to COVID, the 2021 Lesser Prairie-Chicken Festival has been cancelled.

Join the Oklahoma Audubon Council in 2022 for an amazing prairie experience! See and hear the quickly vanishing Lesser Prairie-Chicken displaying on its gobbling grounds. Come share and experience the natural heritage of the high plains of northwestern Oklahoma.

Festival highlights include:
* Lesser Prairie-Chicken viewing from vans
* Greater Prairie-Chicken viewing from vans in Osage County, Oklahoma
* An opportunity to actively participate in protecting the species by helping to mark fences
* Field trips led by local experts around northwest Oklahoma
* Special blind packages for photographers!
* Post-festival field trip to the Black Mesa, where Oklahoma meets the Rocky Mountains
* Post-festival field trip to the Wichita Mountains (where we’ll see Black-capped Vireos!)
* A variety of informative workshops and speakers


Oklahoma Audubon Council
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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