Learn Bird ID With Tutorials and Quizzes—Try One!

December 11, 2013

Want to get better at bird ID? The Cornell Lab gives you lots of options—from our free Building Skills pages and Inside Birding videos, to our live webinars, all the way up to our college-level Home Study Course. And if you want in-depth ID information and creative ways to practice your skills, you should try our tutorial series.

Our current tutorials focus on two of the most basic keys to bird identification: Size & Shape  and Color & Pattern. The $25 course fee grants you six-month access to the tutorial, so you can review the tips and run through the practice exercises at your own pace, and as many times as you like. And the content is like nothing else—taking full advantage of new ways to learn on the Web.

“You have to look, listen, think, react, sort, match, choose, and ask for hints,” says course author Dr. Kevin McGowan. “You will drag and drop, rewind, push buttons, and hover over photos. You will be informed, quizzed, challenged, assisted, rewarded, and I hope, entertained.”

Want to give it a try? The following activity is drawn from the reference section at the start of the tutorials. Try it out and see how many parts of a bird can you identify—then learn more and register for tutorials here.



  • Margie Tomlinson

    Amongst all the many Juncos, Black-capped Chickadees, Western ScrubJays, etc. I have to share my excitement at seeing a Red-Shafted Flicker digging in the ground and a Slate-Colored Junco on the feeder during this past week. They’re not that common in my area. Back to counting!