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By Hugh Powell
September 4, 2008
Northern Flicker Northern Flicker by Brian Oyer, 2006 Great Backyard Bird Count.
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As we mentioned last week, we’re launching a Cornell Lab of Ornithology photo-sharing group on flickr, appropriately named Birdshare. We encourage you to join and add your bird photos to the pool.

Way back on this blog’s first comments, amid all your helpful suggestions and bird stories, several people mentioned they’d like to see more bird photos on the All About Birds species accounts. Soon, other readers chimed in, offering to contribute photos for such a purpose. This group is a first step in that direction.

The flickr group will be first and foremost a place to share photos – and to discuss identifications, plumages, behavior, artistic merit, anything that strikes you. Think of it as a sort of visual extension of this blog. We’ll link the photo pool to our sidebar so you can see the latest images when you come here.

But we’d like the photos to flow in both directions – out to the flickr world as well as back to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website, to augment All About Birds species pages, blog posts, home page articles, and so on. We’ll link to your flickr page and, where possible, credit you as the photographer.

We realize that in doing this, we’re relying on your generosity as photographers and bird watchers, and we’d like to thank you at the outset. The Lab of Ornithology is a nonprofit institution with a big to-do list and a relatively small budget – and we’re mostly scientists, not photographers. If we’re going to teach the world about birds, bird identification, and conservation, we could certainly use your help.

How to join Birdshare

To add photos to the group, you’ll first need a free flickr account.

Then, to join Birdshare, just go here: and click “Join this group” (or just click here). Agree to the Group Rules, and you’re in!

To add your photos to Birdshare, return to your flickr home page and select the photos you want to add. There are a few ways to add photos, but the most straightforward is “Send to Group” in the row of buttons above the photo you’ve selected.

If you have any questions, just drop us a comment. Thanks!


  • wonderful group!! Just a quick note: all my photos on flickr ( are freely available to use. I will be spreading the word about this new group!!

  • Hugh

    We hope to have photos up on the Round Robin sidebar in the next few days – right now we’re just waiting for Flickr to deem our photos safe for putting into and RSS feed.

    In the meantime, visit flickr to see Birdfreak’s eye-scorching Hooded Warbler and Chickadee’s Pileated Woodpecker video.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Hugh

    OK – sidebar Flickr stream is up and running. See it over there <– ?

  • This is great news! As a new birder and someone lacking wildlife photo skills, I look forward to seeing how Birdshare grows. There are so many great bird images out there, thanks for creating a place where they can all be collected and


  • Hugh – Glad to see the Flickr stream running.

    Question: Do you guys have a graphic I could use to put on my website to promote the Lab’s redesign? I put the little icon on my site but would like something bigger (like seen on the All About Birds).


    Eddie aka Birdfreak

  • S.K. Smith

    I would love to contribute photos to your flickr pool, but I need assurance that my photos never get sent through twitter. The reason for that is, twitter has sold the rights for all photos that pass through their service to a copy-troll firm, who has persued damages from people who took the original photo! This is why I cancelled my twitter account. I don’t make a lot of money from my photography, but the photographic work I create is my own artistic and creative work, and I will not allow some troll to profit off of me.

  • S.K. Smith

    In case anyone is wondering, this is from the twitter eula:

    ‘you grant (Twitter) a world-wide royalty-free, non-exclusive license.’

  • DCLByrdNyrd

    I have 3 photos of a juvenile hawk I would like to have identified. Link is

Join Us on Flickr – at Birdshare!