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Flammulated Owl

ID Info
Silhouette OwlsOwls
Flammulated OwlPsiloscops flammeolus
  • ORDER: Strigiformes
  • FAMILY: Strigidae

Basic Description

This tiny, reddish owl, scarcely larger than a small juice can, spends its time foraging for insects near the tops of massive pine or fir trees. These aspects make it hard to spot, although its repetitive, low-pitched hoot is easier to notice. Once thought to be rare residents of mountainous pine forests, Flammulated Owls can be common in forests of large trees and are highly migratory. It winters in Mexico and Central America, but little else is known about the species in its wintering areas.

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Find This Bird

Flammulated Owls are so well camouflaged that finding one during the daytime is a red-letter day. It’s considerably easier to find a calling male at night, but this tiny bird’s very low hoot can be maddeningly difficult to locate and usually sounds farther away than it actually is. Imitations of the call may lure males closer, but patience and a good flashlight are indispensable, and nighttime views should be kept brief to avoid disturbing the bird.

Other Names

  • Autillo Flamulado (Spanish)
  • Petit-duc nain (French)
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