Get a Free Bird-Watching Calendar From Cornell Lab

October 19, 2011

free bird-watching calendar offerBird-watching is a year-round activity, and to help you keep track of your plans—or just keep some colorful birds decorating your wall, we’re offering you a free bird calendar.

We produce this calendar every year so that participants in Project FeederWatch can mark off their count days and keep a record of cool things they’ve seen at their feeders. It’s adorned with great pictures of feeder birds that people involved in FeederWatch have sent to us over the years.

This year, we decided to print up extra copies of the calendar and send them out to anyone who wants them (while supplies last, of course). We hope the calendar will help you enjoy feeder season all the more.


  • Dianne Stevens

    I’m putting together a birdwatching holiday raffle basket for my daughter’s kindergarten class. I would love to include this calendar in that basket.

  • Hello, I see this was posted last year, but are you still offering a free copy of the birdwathcing calendar this season, October 2012? I tried the link above “free bird calendar”, and it took me to a page that said, “Thank you! Your calendar is in the mail.” However, there was no spot for me to enter an address to recieve.

  • Hugh

    Hi Tracey – Yes, we are offering another free calendar this year—go here to sign up for it:

    Thanks! – Hugh

  • Ed

    I know it’s April, but is there a chance you still have a free 2013 calendar? Thanks,

  • Hugh

    Hi Ed – Sorry, we don’t have any 2013 calendars right now. – Hugh

  • Amanda

    Will there be 2014 calendars this year?

  • Debbie Shewfelt

    I would like a 2013-2014 Calendar if possible?

  • Bandita Evans

    Thank-you in advance for the FREE Calendar.I just LOVE birds and I try to identify them all the time and I try to get all kinds of birds to stop by my yard,Yours Truly Ms. Bandita Evans at 139 Buddle Drive in Lexington,NC 27292.

  • Barbara Young

    I would like a calendar please.Cannot seem to get to the link,