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The 2023 Barred Owl Season Has Begun!

Join us for a new season of Barred Owl adventures from central Indiana.

The male and female owls hooted up a storm the other night—sit back and listen to their diverse duet and the wispy-sounding begging calls from the female inside the nest box.

We’re excited to announce the return of the Barred Owl cam for 2023! Thanks to Wild Birds Unlimited for continuing to sponsor the cam and make these incredible birds visible for all to enjoy.

This year the female laid her first egg on March 11, and it was a full 5 days later that she laid her second egg, on March 16. She had left the first egg un-incubated for most of the first two days at near-freezing temperatures, so we’re unsure whether it will still hatch. However, since settling into full-time incubation around the 13th/14th, she has consistently been on the egg, and with a second egg laid on the 16th we’re hopeful at least one (possibly both) will still hatch. This laying behavior is quite unusual compared to the super-consistent laying pattern we’ve seen at this site over the last decade, suggesting that this may be a new or inexperienced female or pair.

Stay tuned and learn what happens alongside us and the rest of the cam community!

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Pileated Woodpecker by Lin McGrew / Macaulay Library