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Ospreys Have 2 Eggs (And Counting) On Savannah Cam

Watch the female Osprey lay her first egg on March 5.

Everyone’s favorite fishing birds have returned to their treetop nest located above the saltmarshes and lagoons of Skidaway Island, Georgia, to start the 2021 breeding season! On Friday, March 5, the female Osprey hunkered down and laid the pair’s first egg in a tangled nest of sticks and Spanish moss. A second bespeckled egg arrived on the morning of March 8. Will a third egg join the clutch in the next 24–48 hours? Watch live

Ospreys are the only North American raptors that prey exclusively on live fish. Up to this point in the season, the male has proven to be an expert angler. This is good news for the family considering a male Osprey is tasked with providing meals for his mate and chicks over the breeding season, while the female tends to parental duties at the nest site. 

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