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Hatching Imminent For American Kestrels

Watch the female shimmy over her five eggs.

Are you ready to experience the frenzy of the American Kestrel cam’s nestling period? It’s now been 32 days since the first egg was laid, and the kestrels are prepping for five hungry mouths to feed. We expect the first egg to hatch at some point within the next 48 hours, and the rest of the siblings won’t be far behind. In 2021, four of the five eggs hatched on the same day, so don’t miss out! Watch live.

Feeding Fun To Come: American Kestrel hatchlings are tiny plops of pink covered in white down. These helpless chicks can barely lift their heads and beg for food, but they rapidly gain a shot of spunk. If you’ve watched the cam in the past, you’ll know that feeding time quickly turns into a free-for-all, complete with wrestling, tug of war, and free rides from mom if you grab too big of a bite. 

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