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Great Horned Owl Cam Timeline

Delve into the history of the Great Horned Owl cam.

Review the main events, including nesting cycle milestones and other noteworthy incidents, in this historical timeline of the Great Horned Owl cam.

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YearEgg #Lay DateHatch DateBranch DateFledge Date
20221Jan 17Feb 19April 6April 15
20161Jan 23Feb 25April 12April 16
2Jan 26Feb 28April 17April 22
20151Jan 1Feb 3March 23March 29
2Jan 4Feb 6March 28March 29

2022 Season Timeline

April 15, 2022: Owlet Fledges Above Great Horned Owl Nest In Savannah, Georgia

Watch the Great Horned Owl fledge.

At 55 days old, the owlet from the Savannah Great Horned Owl cam finally displayed a leaping flight worthy of fledging! Watch the young owl embark on a short flight from limb to limb above the nest site at 3 A.M. on April 15. The fledgling sticks the landing and eventually climbs even further up the nesting tree.

April 6, 2022: Owlet Takes A Leap, Branches At Savannah Great Horned Owl Nest

Tap to watch the owlet branch.

At 46 days old, the young Great Horned Owl has taken a leap into the next stage of development—branching! Watch the owlet jump from the nest onto an overhanging pine branch on the morning of April 6. Great Horned Owls are typically able to move onto nearby branches at 6 weeks of age. They are able to climb well at this stage, at which time they may leave the nest altogether or clamber out onto nearby branches and return to the nest. At 7 weeks, the young owls are capable of short flights and will tire easily. Time will tell how long the owlet will stay within frame of the camera, so enjoy these moments while we have them.

February 19, 2022: Great Horned Owl Chick Finishes Hatching

Fluffy Owlet Fills Up On Breakfast With Female

After the first pip, or break in the egg, was noticed on February 17, the Great Horned Owl chick completed the hatching process on the morning on February 19. Get a close-up look at the down-covered owlet during this feeding on Feb 22.

The incubation period is now over for the owls. The female will continue to focus all of her time at the nest for at least two weeks (until the owlet is old enough to spend some time alone), while the male continues to hunt for meals for the family.

January 17, 2022: Great Horned Owls Begin Nesting In Savannah, Georgia

Tap to watch a Great Horned Owl lay her first egg.

After weeks of frequent visits to the nest site, Great Horned Owls have taken over the vacant Osprey nest in Savannah, Georgia. The female laid her first egg on January 17, and more eggs may be on their way soon. This marks the owls’ return to the cam for the first time since the 2016 breeding season.

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