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Cahows Return To Bermuda For November Courtship Period

Watch a Bermuda Petrel return to the CahowCam1 nesting burrow.

After spending months foraging over the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda Petrels (known in Bermuda as “cahows”) have returned to their breeding grounds on Nonsuch Island, Bermuda, to court, copulate, and spend time with one another in the nesting burrow. Watch cam.

The cam pair’s return signals the onset of the breeding season and an opportunity to follow and learn about the breeding ecology of one of the most endangered seabirds in the entire world. Thanks to our partners at Nonsuch Expeditions, we also have access to expert commentary from cahow biologist Jeremy Madeiros during his weekly check-ups on the adults and chick (like this highlight from November 7). Breeding pairs typically return to Nonsuch Island every year in early November to court and mate before venturing back out to sea for most of December. Although the burrows will empty during the month of December, you can still enjoy live, spectacular ocean views from our aboveground “Surface Cam” on Nonsuch Island. Watch Cam.

The petrels should return to Nonsuch in late December or early January, when the female will return to the burrow and lay a single egg. Stay tuned to the @BermudaCahowCam Twitter feed for the start of another year of discovery in Bermuda!

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