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Big Red Joins Fledglings For A Homecoming

Watch Big Red return to the Cornell Hawks nest with N1 and N2.

Watch Big Red join her fledglings on the rail of the Cornell Hawks nesting platform. She descends to the nest, and one of the fledglings follows to receive a meal. N2 was the first to fledge on June 10, and N1 followed two days later on June 12.

Since fledging, both young hawks have returned to the nest site several times, often to claim a meal from one of the adults. Big Red and Arther will continue to watch over their young and provide them with meals as the fledglings hone their flight and hunting skills over the next several weeks. We’re wishing the N’s the best of luck on their next stage as they explore their campus territory!

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Pileated Woodpecker by Lin McGrew / Macaulay Library