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Barred Owls Begin The 2021 Breeding Season

Watch the female Barred Owl reveal her egg to the cam.

The Barred Owls are back for another breeding season in 2021! The female owl shared a little secret with cam viewers by shifting her wing to reveal a single white egg on March 8, and she likely has more to come. Barred Owl clutch size ranges from 1–5 eggs, but the female nesting at this site usually lays either 2 or 3 eggs. Keep your eyes peeled for the next egg’s arrival sometime in the next 24–48 hours. Watch cam.

This year we’ve also upgraded the cam streams to 1080p resolution on both the interior and exterior views, so strap in for another “hoot” of a breeding season live from the backyard of Wild Birds Unlimited President and CEO Jim Carpenter in Zionsville, Indiana.

Make sure to follow the cam on Twitter @WBU_Owls to catch all of the happenings at the nest site.

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