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2014 News Releases

Enter the BirdSpotter Photo Contest, November 25, 2014
Your backyard bird images could win great prizes!

Top 10 Gifts for Birders and for Birds, November 18, 2014
Items support bird research, conservation, and education

Threatened Status for Gunninson Sage-Grouse a "Wise Compromise," November 13, 2014
Comments from Cornell Lab of Ornithology Director Dr. John W. Fitzpatrick

New Bird Biology Website Awakens the Sense of Discovery, October 23, 2014
Enjoy interactive activities about bird song, feathers, and more

Got Birds? Tell FeederWatch!, October 16, 2014
Don’t let what happens at the feeder stay at the feeder

New Tree of Life Traces Evolution of a Spectacular Bird Group, October 14, 2014
South American cotinga family is known for weird looks and sounds

Celebrate Amazing Autumn Bird Migration, October 2, 2014
Family-friendly event at Sapsucker Woods spurs appreciation of nature

"Green Wave" Explains Bird Migration Routes, September 11, 2014
New study reveals why many migratory birds don't fly in straight lines

Climate Change Science Aided by Huge but "Invisible" Efforts of Amateurs, September 3, 2014
Many studies rely on citizen-science data, but few acknowledge it

10th Anniversary of Birds of North America Online, September 2, 2014
Dynamic reference stays current with the latest science

Name That Bird! Merlin App Identifies 400 Species, August 26, 2014
Cornell releases free Android app just in time for fall migration

Study Surprise: Many Bird Species Exposed to "Eye Disease," August 12, 2014
Feeder birds not the only species affected

Maybe Birds Can Have It All: Dazzling Colors and Pretty Songs, Too, June 18, 2014
Major songbird study counters the idea of trade-offs limiting evolution

Maya Lin's Latest Sculpture in Final Memorial Unveiled, June 4, 2014
The "Sound Ring" spotlights extinct and endangered species

Celestron Sponsors the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, June 2, 2014
Goal is to introduce birding to a broader audience

Find Funky Nests in Funky Places!, May 15, 2014
Annual contest seeks unusual nesting sites

Student Birding Team Raises $50,000+ for Conservation, May 13,2014
Cornell Team wins World Series of Birding championship

Cornell Birding Team Finds 275 Species in 24 Hours, May 6, 2014
A new route through Arizona and California pays off for bird conservation

Cornell Students a Triple Threat at World Series of Birding, May 6, 2014
Teams compete in multiple divisions to raise funds for undergraduate research

Flyways for Flyweights: Small Birds Capitalize on Weather Patterns During Epic Migrations, May 5, 2014
Concept of migration flyways gets an update for small terrestrial birds

Join New "YardMap" Project to Create Bird Habitat, May 1, 2014
Unique citizen-science program begins in the backyard

Two Hawk Chicks Hatch!, April 28, 2014
Watch Cornell Lab Bird Cams: a third egg is due to hatch soon

Nation's Top Birding Team Seeks New Record, April 24, 2014
A 24-hour quest to find the most birds and raise funds for conservation

Scientists Acknowledge Crucial Role of Volunteers in Advancing Research, March 31, 2014
Citizen scientists seen as indispensable sources of data and insight

Join NestWatch for a Season of Discovery, March 20, 2014
Watching birds at the nest is fun--and it helps scientists

Citizen Scientists Needed For New Barn Swallow Study, March 13, 2014
Researchers will study the effects of artificial light on the pace of life

Free Lecture Opens a Window on Local Bird Life, March 11, 2014
Learn more about a birding course that's perfect for everyone

Warming Temperatures Are Pushing Two Chickadee Species--and Their Hybrids--Northward, March 6, 2014
DNA sleuthing confirms chickadee "hybrid zone" marching northward as climate warms

Escalator to Extinction: Climate Change Pushing Tropical Birds Up the Mountain…and Off, February 18, 2014
Research predicts localized bird extinctions because of climate change.

Cities Have More Native Biodiversity Than Previously Thought, February 13, 2014
Researchers show the world's cities retain a unique natural palette

Record Number of Countries Join the Great Backyard Bird Count, February 18, 2014
Bird watcherson pace to shatter records 

Cities Support More Native Biodiversity Than Previously Thought, February 13, 2014
New research finds the world’s cities retain a unique natural ecosystem

Build New Skills With Spring Birding Course, January 22, 2014
Annual Spring Field Ornthology course runs March 26-May 18

Get Geared Up for the Great Backyard Bird Count! January 16, 2014
Bird watchers around the world neded to gather crucial data

What's That Bird? A New App Names the Birds You See, January 13, 2014
“Merlin” iPhone app asks five questions, reveals nearby birds




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