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What is Merlin?

By participating in the activities on this website, you'll help create Merlin, a new kind of bird identification tool. We've used 3 million of your data points so far to create the Merlin app for iPhone, iPads, and iPods. We're now working to develop Android and web browser versions, and to add more species and features to improve Merlin's performance.

Merlin asks you questions about the bird you saw, then conjures up a list of species that match your bird's description. Since no two people see and describe birds the same way, your participation on this website helps Merlin learn what to expect. Merlin also tailors your list to the birds near you. It taps into more than 70 million observations from eBird citizen-science participants to find out which birds are within ~30 miles of your location at any time of year.

Please help us keep improving Merlin. The more you play, the more you'll help Merlin become a true wizard for bird identification. Thank you!