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Cassin's Vireo


IUCN Conservation Status: Least Concern

A common bird of the far western forests, the Cassin's Vireo is conspicuous for its constant singing. Formerly lumped as a "Solitary Vireo" with the Plumbeous and Blue-headed vireos, it is now considered a separate species.

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Typical Voice

Adult Description

  • Small songbird, medium-sized vireo.
  • Brownish-gray head with white spectacles.
  • Two whitish wingbars.
  • Belly white, flanks yellowish.

Immature Description

Immatures similar to adults, but crown and sides of head more olive.

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Similar Species

  • Blue-headed Vireo is very similar, but has blue-gray crown contrasting more sharply with throat and the back; very limited overlap in range.
  • Plumbeous Vireo is gray over all upperparts, with only the rump having any greenish, the edging of flight feathers are not yellow, and the flanks have little or no yellow.
  • Hutton's Vireo is smaller, eyering is incomplete, has dingier underparts, and less contrasting plumage.
  • Bell's Vireo lacks a full eyering so does not appear spectacled, has weaker wingbars, and does not appear so contrasting.