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Arthur A. Allen Award Honors
Linda Macaulay

article spread
Photograph by William Macaulay

In April, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology presented the prestigious Arthur A. Allen Award for Outstanding Service to Ornithology to Linda Macaulay, a Lab associate and 40-year member. Linda is an expert birdsong recordist who has contributed 5,974 recordings of 2,668 species from 50 countries to the library that bears her name. Fully 468 of her recordings are new to the library; 357 remain recorded only by her.

Linda was attracted to recording by the late Ted Parker during a trip to Peru, and learned recording techniques from Macaulay Library curator Greg Budney.

Linda’s contributions to the science of ornithology, her indefatigable work in the field, her passion for birds, and her dedication to building a sound library that is unparalleled in the world make her the ideal recipient of the 2010 Arthur A. Allen Award. The award, named for the Cornell Lab’s founder, was established in 1967 to honor those who have helped raise public awareness about birds and ornithology.

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