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Articles About Photography

Featured PhotographerBest of Birdshare: Summer Portraits

Here's a look at some of the birds of summer, as seen through your own camera lenses.

FocusAmong the Alders

Text and photo by Marie Read

Last of Their Kind

Text and photos by Gerrit Vyn

On the Russian tundra, critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpipers gather to nest and raise their young in numbers so vulnerably low, each new breeding season could be the species' last.

A Darwinian Dance

by Grainger Hunt

Falcons and starlings engage in an age-old aerial ballet, rising and diving in spectacular synchrony across the open sky

By the Waters of Kariba

Text and photographs by Chuck Graham

A manmade lake in the heart of southern Africa

Seabirds off the Beaten Path

by Cliff Beittel

With the penguins and albatrosses on the faraway isles of Aotearoa

Looking to the FutureSaving Elephants You Can't See

by Hugh Powell

Eyes to the Skies

by Hugh Powell

A new generation of webcams offers gorgeous views of nesting birds

Pilots of the Caribbean

by Hugh Powell

First photos of chick renew hope for endangered Caribbean seabird

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