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Articles About Birding

Funky Nests

A fun contest with great prizes. Send in your pictures of bird nests in unlikely places.

It's FeederWatch Season!

A fun citizen-science project where you tell us what's at your feeders and help us track changes in winter bird populations. Open to all skill levels and abilities.

Around the LabIt's Summer...Where Did the Birds Go?

By Jessie Barry

Birds can be secretive during their late summer moult when they are more vulnerable to predation.

Around the LabBriefs

By staff writers

Birding EscapesHartwick Pines State Park: Grayling, Michigan

By Bobby R. Harrison

Books for BirdersCrossley ID Guide: Raptors, by Richard Crossley

reviewed by Stephen J. Bodio

Can We Save the Birds of Bonko?

By George Oxford Miller

In a tiny village in Ghana, birding offers a chance to improve village life and preserve vital habitat for wildlife

SpotlightGrebes Take a Dive

By David S. Wilcove

A third of the world's grebe species have been driven to the brink of extinction in recent years

Around the LabThe Biggest Big Day? Q&A with Marshall Iliff

by Gustave Axelson

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