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Living Bird Magazine

Autumn 2010

Deepwater Horizon

by Hugh Powell

Six months after the largest oil spill in history, the leak has been plugged. But what is the long-term outlook for all the habitats and wildlife affected by this ecological catastrophe?

Hooked on Hornbills

by Tim Laman

A chance encounter with a hornbill led to a decades-long quest to photograph these spectacular birds

Flying Field

227 Square Feet

by Mel White

A first solo "big sit" turns out to be fun, even without a pair of eyes in the back

In the Field

Not All Sweetness and Light

by Jack Connor

What are hummingbirds really eating?

Catbird Seat

Fuddy-Duddy Declaration

by Pete Dunne

The future of bird identification is going one way. I'm going mine.

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